Fountain Pen Links

Daniel Kirchheimer - The absolute best in the world at difficult metal cap restoration and replating.

The Pen Practice - Dr. Laurence Oldfield literally wrote the book (Pen Repair, Third Edition) on fountain pen repair.  Makes exceptionally high quality repair tools.

David Nishimura at Vintage Pens - Pen repair parts,fountain pens for sale, and a huge website with many pen-related articles.

Dale Beebe at Pen Tooling - All around great guy.  Extensive selection of tools and nearly every part you can imagine.

Ernesto Soler at Parker51 - Likely the world's leading expert on the Parker 51.

Peter Ford at AusPens - Great tools and education from the land down under.

Fountain Pen Network - The leading fountain pen board with participants from around the world.  Lots of knowledge and pen information.  Civil, active discussions 24/7/365.

Giovanni Abrate at New Pentrace - Another great guy and another great pen forum.

Richard Binder at Richard's Pens - Simply a legend.

John Mottishaw at Classic Fountain Pens - Another legend specializing in nib work.

Pendleton Brown at Pendleton's Pens - Excellent nib work.  Great to deal with.  Fast communication.

Brian Goulet at Goulet Pens - The best in the business for new fountain pens - no vintage.  Tons of educational material from beginner to advanced.

Pen Collectors Of America - Join this organization.

Writing Equipment Society - Join this organization too.

Pen World Magazine - Excellent pen magazine.

Iguana Sell - Great vendor of new fountain pens in Madrid.  World-wide, fast shipping.

Black Pen Society - Silly and fun.

Paul Erano at Paul's Pens - Subscribe to his news letter and contact him to join the Black Pen Society.

Stay tuned...more to come...